Barack Obama writes to Michael Jackson’s family

President Barack Obama has written to the family of Michael Jackson to express his feelings over the singer’s death, one of his key aides said today.

Senior White House adviser David Axelrod told NBC’s Meet the Press programme that Mr Obama thought the pop star was an “important and magnificent” performer.

The US president has not made any public comment following Jackson’s death on Thursday, but Mr Axelrod sad he had shared his feelings with the Jackson family.

He told NBC: “The president obviously believes that Michael Jackson was an important and magnificent performer and obviously he led a sad life in many ways as well but his impact is undeniable.”

Mr Axelrod added: “The president has written to the family and has shared his feelings with the family and he felt that was the appropriate way to go.”

The White House did not issue a statement following Thursday’s announcement.

But on Friday, during the daily White House briefing, Mr Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president sent his condolences to the late singer’s family and fans.

Mr Gibbs added that Mr Obama saw Jackson as a spectacular performer and music icon.


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